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Why Fruits

Children belonging to the age group of 5-18 are the powerhouse of the family. Their daily activity rate is higher than any other age group. And for keeping this energy throughout needs an adequate amount of nutrition. These bright stars need to have the maximum amount of variety of fruits to keep the spark in their activities.

KIDS – Energy Enlightners

The youth of our nation is the hard-working builder of society. Right from the career to the living life to fullest, the youth never fails to impress. These youngsters aim for the sky and dream with their eyes open by working rigorously. And for such a hyperactive generation, nutrition shouldn’t become a hindrance.

Youth – Society Builders

In the growing era of restlessness, couples together have high ambitions of maintaining their health and look after each other. Nutrition, however, helps them to build a strong foundation and be healthier. A proper amount of fruits can help them to stay more active and calm.

New Couples- New Life

Parent’s shoulders are shrugged with responsibilities. These generation experiences stress more often than any other. These people can hardly give time for themselves and a diet seems next to impossible. Fruits are the only natural nutrition provider which is best suited for this generation.

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Responsible Soldiers

Our grandparents are undoubtedly our path providers. They guide us through the ups and downs of life. This generation is the reciprocal of the energy enlighteners. They have many activities to execute but cannot do so for their body doesn’t take the load. Fruits, however, play an important role here as it gives ample amount of nutrition.

Senior Citizen- The Guides

There is nothing more important thing than yourself. No materialistic needs will come into use if you don’t have the strength to live. Self-love is the only way through. Taking care of your nutrition will make you the hero of your life.



Buying Fruits – Process

Buying Fruits – Process

Going to your local grocery/ nearby market, selecting the right quality, commonly you see fruits being picked in the plastic bags, Waiting for your queue in the mall are some of the common challenges and time-consuming processes while buying fruits manually.

Lack of Time

Lack of Time

In many scenarios, it becomes difficult to find time to buy fruits which includes finding the right time as per the availability of the fruits, time spend in commuting, sometimes challenge to walk or get a vehicle, Busy schedule due to home/ office work and various other priorities; sometime discourages the consumption of fruits.

Wastage at home

Wastage at home

On an average 30% of the fruits goes in the waste at our house as we typically buy just a one or two variety of fruits. It becomes a challenge to either throw the fruit or to consume the rotten fruit and certainly we all want to avoid both these options.

Quality Concern

Quality Concern

The quality of fruits varies widely when you buy from the malls and when from a local vendor. Wherein the malls fridge the fruits to keep the freshness controlled for days but nowhere the daily freshness is compared. It becomes challenging to trust the quality of our consumption, thereafter.

High Prices

High Prices

Buying fruits from the mall/ local grocery is costly, on top of this if bought in a small quantity, it becomes costlier. Also, denial to get small quantity fruits restricts the consumption of fresh fruits on a daily basis.

Lack of Variety

Lack of Variety

It’s a big challenge to get the mix of seasoned and exotic fruits in our intake as a wide variety of fruits are not available easily. And therefore it becomes very easy to lose interest in eating fruits as the options are limited. Not only this but also the wholesome nutrition to our body is not provided by consuming the same type of fruits.

Our Services

Updated Basket

A variety of min 5 different fruits in a basket every day.

Field to Home

Better supply chain from field to home creating winning situation for farmers and consumers.

Doorstep Delivery

Delivery at your doorstep giving you a lot of ease.

Guaranteed Freshness

A variety of min 5 different fruits in a basket every day.

Better Pricing

Available at an affordable price and cheaper than the market/mall.


As a responsible citizen, we make sure that no waste generates during the process of delivery and the hygiene too is maintained throughout.

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